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Always at the side of designers and builders

Industrie Grazi Cristalli has always worked in the world of design, taking our perfectly fabricated glass structures to the global market. We are proud of the perfectly realised, fashionable design of our products, and we pay as much attention to the detail as to the whole, never losing sight of the need for elegance and quality. Interior design is our daily bread, and our know-how and ability are at your service to enhance the value and personality of your installation with the impeccable elements which have made our international reputation.

Our offices

Even from outside, you can see our enthusiasm for glass, its luminosity and impact in any location. We are happy to welcome you to our offices, where you can meet our interior design team and fabricators.

The offices

Courtesy and professionalism are the hallmark of our staff. From consultancy to customer service, including estimates and on-site inspections: our know-how and creativity are always at your service.

Our laboratory of ideas

In our offices, we create, design and turn our concepts into beautiful reality, thanks to the fabrication of glass structures. New ideas, special creations, unmistakable elements and accessories are always ready to take on new challenges, innovate and explore the many nuances of modern design.

The showroom

Our showroom exhibits the delicacy and strength of glass in all its nuances, forms and colours, so that you can imagine the final result of our work together. This is where we start the process of shaping your vision into reality…

Our story

Our story is one of passion, experience and an endless series of illuminated display units, fairytale staircases and personalised structures in glass. From the many ways of working glass to the most refined design, over the years we have learned how to combine our creativity with professionalism, exploring new opportunities and markets beyond our borders. We are world leaders in our industry, and our hallmark is the marriage of traditional craftsmanship to the most innovative technology. Our story is marked by innumerable successes and the many processes which only this splendid material allows us to use.

You left an indelible trace of human and ethical values in the company and in our hearts.