Hotel Cavour – Milan

Project by Studio Simonetti srl  – www.studiosimonetti.it

Blondi Gioielli – Modena

Pinacoteca di Brera

Residenza Privata

Palazzo da Mosto – Reggio Emilia

Abercrombie – Milan

Max Mara – Milan

Hotel B4 Boscolo – Milan

The beauty of a timeless material becomes part of your design…

As you can imagine, glass structures completely change the feel of a room, with their unique style, elegance, luminosity and very special personality. Our know-how in glass fabrication, which includes specialised techniques in cutting, sanding, painting, glueing and decorating glass, enables us to lend a touch of innovation and class to any residence, office, restaurant, hotel, boutique or shop, with the design, styling and detailing you desire. If you have a glass structure in mind, whether it’s a gleaming stairway or an attention grabbing display unit, we’ll be delighted to hear from you: let us bring this extraordinary material into your life and work!